The thought of starting a blog has never crossed my mind till today. Never understood why because I love to write, I’ve kept a diary for as long as I can remember. I usually just use notes on my phone nowadays. But i thought I’d give back and let you read the amount of shit I chat about. I’ve decided I’m gonna write about certain subjects I’m passionate about and I wanna share my opinions and experiences on these subjects. I’ve seen many blogs in my life, they’re all kinda the same to me, I think people with blogs are always really interesting like they write about sick shit cos they’ve climbed 4 mountains, been to the North Pole, trecked through the Amazon, survived a shark attack and their health and fitness is still in tact. I can tell you now I’m none of those things. I’m not even jealous either I just find people like that fascinating. People seem to love reading about other peoples amazing lifestyles, I’m the same though. But I figured it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, anyone can write a blog right? Doesn’t really matter if no-one reads this, I enjoy typing away anyway. I’m just a regular girl. I’m 22, I work two jobs, didn’t do so well at school, I’m an introvert, I always struggle to make ends meet, I still live at home, I haven’t travelled much, I’ve got a secondhand iPhone 5, don’t have a car license, I’m up to my eyeballs in anxiety and I’ve been to the gym a few times before but I’m not a bubble butt twerking princess I can’t even see my arse to be honest, it fell off when I went from 15 stone to 10 stone… I’ll talk about that some other time. All I’m basically saying is, I might not be all that interesting but I’ve got strong views on a lot of things that are wrong with this world and I wanna share them. And even though I’m not well travelled with a great arse and loads of money I’m still really lucky. I’ve got family, shelter, friends and a boyfriend. Which is way more than what some people have. Like I’ve said we all are interested in other people’s lifestyles if they’re successful, don’t ever get depressed if your life isn’t like theirs. Be happy for them. Then look around yourself and realise how much you do have. And I bet at least one person loves you. To summarise, my life isn’t full of extreme stories but I’m not boring, I’m definitely gonna post more at least once or twice a week, not about my life as such but more just on subjects I wanna speak up about. I’ve realised I’ve just chat pure shit here and I’ll try refrain from doing that in future posts. Oh, I forgot to mention I smoke weed every day, take that however you wish.

Till next time.



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